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After a rather long sojourn, a break of around two years! I have returned
Much to my own amazement...
With a Canon 5ds and a new Zeiss 21mm lens!!
DA was always visited during this time... it is quite the best place for photographics
Have a lovely 2016
may the rain stop for a while... its been pretty none stop in Ireland this year
xxx Chris
Portrait of an Ocean

At The Blasket Centre
Dunquin, County Kerry, Ireland
From Saturday 14th June till 11th August
Open 9.30am till 6pm
Admission Free

A photographic exhibition by Chris May
I am creating a book. A book of 50 of the most popular of my photographs from the Dingle Peninsula.
Its going to be quite big, A4, and high quality and is quite expensive to have made.
But I am funding part of it through the 21st Century miracle of Crowd Funding.

The only way to get your hands on a first edition signed copy of the book is to Help Fund the project

It's a good gift, and a lovely reminder of the west Kerry coastline and the Atlantic Ocean

Please do visit… for more info

 -And its the big green :Fund:It: button that allows you to help fund the project-

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Should anyone be wondering whether I've faded away into the ether I would like to apologise for not being active. I've been away from all things electric for the past month and it was a truly inspiring experience. No Deviant Art, no facebook no internet, in fact no mobile phone signal (Swiss carrier pigeon only). Just me, the family and my camera. I was deep in the snowy heart of one of Europes primal forests and it let me really spend time focused on creativity. Some of these pictures will be posted soon.

And now it's nearly spring time!
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Christmas Carol 
When some people ask me how I produce my pictures I know they mean the technical details of aperture, lens, lightroom methods etc. with an implicit acceptance that the purely mechanical aspects of photography are important, when the fact is they are really not. Photography is about image and, especially with digital photography, image is entirely dependant upon the artistic style of the photographer. Two photographers shooting the same scene and developing the pictures on the same software will arrive at two very different realities. Whatever the processing method, the extraction of information from the camera and the way it is presented is art. The processing is as bigger a part of the final image as taking the shot and photoshop is one of the more common software that enables the process is photoshop.  I am not into using photoshop to make my photos look like they were taken by CCTV; this may be art but it is impersonal, seeking to use photoshop to take the personal out of the picture. I like putting the personal into a photograph and I strongly believe that this is what makes a photograph work.    
Today whilst I was speaking to a customer about a work I have on my gallery wall a sudden moment of realisation popped into my mind like one of those 'flash performances' in a supermarket. I was just explaining that the picture was taken on the equinox and that only twice a year can that particular sunset be taken as the sun moves around so much. I explained the alignment of the sun and the islands and the fact that America was the next stop and happily she said she liked it enough to buy it. What I realised is that all this info (the fact that I had waited two years to take the shot, the alignment of the western sun, the special time of the year and the hint at America) was not obviously visible in the photograph but it made a qualitative difference to the emotion of the piece and to whether my customer wanted it enough to hang on her wall.

When I thought about my other work ALL the most popular ones had an amount of hidden story to them, they all had a secret that went into making them and because of this they were special. 

I conclude that the secret work of an artist (the emotion, the heartache, happiness, special times of the year, sacred aspects, devine references etc..etc..) make a work of art special. Its something intangible that can be recognised by an audience as part of quality and stands out beyond technically more proficient works as art.

Make it with LOVE
The weather has been incredible for this often drenched and wind swept piece of europe. As a result I have been able to be out and about with my camera. But to be honest with you it has been a little hard recently and I have been going through a creative dull patch, not a crisis of creativity not even a photographers bloc, but just a lack of inspiration. You can spot these a mile away, for me it means spending more time on back copies of old photos, editing, buying some gear anything except shoot. As soon as I realised that this was a little more than a few days I spent a while looking at the work on Deviant Art. I found a few shots where I thought 'now how did they do that' and set about emulating them. I don't think this is copy-cat or in any way bad, instead it is the beauty of this wonderful community and I would like to think some of my images have the same effect on people. I would be happy if someone copied my work. In doing it I learnt some techniques and methods that I had not thought about, looked at things in a new way, was inspired and completely lost the dull patch. Good riddance to struggling artists locked away and isolated, the future is collective and the art is hugely better for it. Thank you deviant artists.
Numbers do not really matter at all. But I feel I have to say a heartfelt thank you to all my visitors. It is humbling to know that so many people have looked at my work and even more exciting - many have liked it. If we are to be honest artists we make art to be looked at and Deviant Art and its huge community of massively talented artists take this very seriously; all those comments, critics, encouragement. This level of support and inspiration is a huge resource and a celebration of how the web can be a positive force for creativeness, something that is never mentioned in the grips about social networking etc. So many thanks to all of us and I hope you will enjoy my work in the future. :iconirishplz:
It is with great regret that I have added watermarks to my work. Despite the fact that the DA watermark is really rather subtle it still distracts from the pictures. I have had to do this because a fair few photographs of mine have been stolen and used commercially (the biggest and most surprising was by National Geographic). I do not mind at all if people have used the pictures to decorate personal websites or just a screensaver, but not for commercial gain. I really hope that you talented and wonderful artists who like to watch my work are not too put out by this. I don't do it because I want to, but because I work very hard on my art and I am upset when I find that dodgy people us it to make money and don't even credit me, or worse pretend that they took the pictures.

You can still find the photo on my website. here they are small enough not to be used in professional publication.
I would like to say thank you to every one for the support for my work. One of the best things about this wonderful artistic resource with its strange quirky name DeviantArt is the inspiration and support that it gives to an artist. My own speciality is photographs, but for writers and artists too, it makes the difference. And using DeviantArt raises the quality and beauty in any serious artists work. I am not able to thank every favourite given so I will here. THANK YOU. Getting a DD has made my week.:shamrock:
Sometimes it seems the best part of travelling is the returning. At least it feels that way as I rediscover things and am tempted to believe the last couple of months were just part of a dream, time and no time. Than I look at the huge number of photos that I've amassed. Once I've sorted the snapshots from the potential fine art works and thrown away all the ones that are blurred or over exposed, then I can sit back and take time with the memories. Photographs are just that, memories. They are vital for showing us that the world out there is as we see it, and the camera sees it too. It is real, whether in the past or in the now and I can visit it whenever I like. Photographers are very lucky people, makers of memories. Once again thank you very much for all the wonderful support and so much inspiration and I am thrilled that you like the work. I can't reply to every like, but I will to any comments.
I must say this winter has been quite different from the normal Christmas fare. They do say travel broadens the mind, and I think also it expands photographic skills. I have been in and around the Alps in Switzerland and in the Schwarzwald in Germany, snow, hills and beauty which I shall hope to show when I return to my little Ireland House. I will get back to saying hello on Deviant then, for now I wish all of my friends a lovely winter (or summer for those who are so far away)... chris x

Now the winter's here

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 18, 2012, 8:02 AM
The light grows more impressive inch by inch as the sun seeks lower latitudes and the shadows grow longer. The sunsets and sunrises are more accessible and the weather more dramatic, waiting for the first of the snows. Winter is a photographers season. Time to celebrate.

Once again huge heartfelt thank you to everyone who likes my work enough to favourite or even collect it. I just can't reply to all of you, though I will to comments. And I am humbled by my watchers, most of whom are far better artists than me.
c x


No place like home

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 19, 2012, 8:37 AM
Disembarked from the plane at the totally miniature Kerry 'International' airport to a gale and lashing rain, after 10 days of pure sun! Its good to be back! Once again thank you to all you Deviants who have favourited or collected my photos. I am very glad you enjoyed the shots and I can not reply (as I should) to every fave.
I will to all comments though.:)
I am always amazed as the quality and originality of people's work, as I browse through the the visitors sites it is inspirational! Chris x :shamrock:


Off to Bavaria

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 6, 2012, 2:51 AM
On a trip to Frankish Baveria for the next two weeks. Hopefully will collect some interesting shots.:shamrock:


Thank You

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 19, 2012, 12:25 PM
I really want to do the interesting thing and thank every one for favourites and adds. But I can not even keep up with those who have added my pictures. I really, really appreciate it and THANK YOU and I am so glad you like the photographs, it inspires me to push at the boundaries and create more.
:shamrock:I will answer every comment:shamrock:
:iconspotlightplz:Thank you for every fave and every add:iconspotlightplz:


Perspective West

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 23, 2012, 2:54 AM
At last and after a whole lot of effort the new website is up and running, bar a few minor hitches. A website may well be a sort of quickly visited thing but it is as hard as a book to write and can often have quite a few pages, all of which need to be checked, proof read and made to 'work'. This one is all white and light, I see far too many of the serious black photosites for my liking.  I can't say I enjoy the computer work but I do like the result. Now to get to grips with this Facebook thing...sigh...

Should you wish to visit it I hope that you will like it too!

:shamrock: Go Raibh Maith Agat


Children of the digital dawn

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 12, 2012, 1:00 PM
The other week I visited a small part of the rough Irish coastline for the umpteenth time to watch the sunset and to try and get a light that was perfect. It was like a NASA space mission, I only had a small window of opportunity -when the sun set behind the island I wanted in the shot - and if not it was 'wait till next year'. The tide was also a problem, it had to be out and of course I needed that sunset - and as those who live in our emerald isles know, the sun is not always guaranteed. The sun's yearly position, the tide, the sunset and of course me and a camera. The conditions were perfect, the magic combinations came together like a ballet and three frames later I had my shot. I hung around for a while to see if things changed but only got munched by midges, the deed had been done the light captured and then back to the studio to develop. Six hours of working hard to entice the light I remembered from the night into the picture, a touch here, burn there... a layer or 20 and slowly the picture took shape until I was, if not happy, at least pleased that I had done justice to nature and taken the viewer out of the everyday realms and into a magic space.
I hung it in the gallery.
A customer sporting a large black DSLR and a mighty lens ummed and arred his way around the room... 'Are these photoshoped' he quipped.
Who, for the love of God, decided in the dim and early misty dawn of photography that photos can only record a mechanical, one dimensional dull, world image. Who ever it was must have hated photographers. They must have thought that the machine is better than the mind. All that creativity, all those ways of seeing and of opening peoples eyes to a world that is hidden... and it is reduced pitifully to a single word that is not even a real verb. Photoshopped.
By all that is art, I renounce that mantra... I snatch back the art of light from the dull workings of the camera's brain and dreary moan of those who think machines have more right to reality than the human mind.
I declare war.
Bring on the wonders of the digital darkroom and lets play with light till we evoke beauty. For that is the meaning of art, the marriage of nature and the mind's eye. For we are children at the dawn of such wonders and we should walk in light.


How Blue is That?

Journal Entry: Tue May 22, 2012, 1:03 PM
The other day, round at a friends house, just as the rain was still not stopping we looked at some work on DA. It was shocking - horrible - a violent wake up call. The pictures were BLUE. Not a nice sunny day blue, not a 'my monitor only does blue' blue. No here was a pale ghostly wash of blue - as if a malignant washing machine had faded all the colour leaving a pastey ghost of the picture where once a vibrant image had lived... 'I thought they were meant to look like this', said my friend.
Now there exists in windows 7 (God knows where it is on a Mac- though to be fair their colour balance is mostly quite good), on the control panel - in Appearance and Personalisation under Display a marvellously magical miracle called 'Calibration' (found on the menu on the left with a funny shield in front of it).
If you even slightly suspect that you have the blues - CLICK IT
........and follow the instructions... err towards red, it's more fun....
Now go back and look at my photos in a new light.....x